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Anmar Scales provides state-of-the-art scale and weighing industry products and the best possible services throughout a variety of Australia’s industrial sectors with a huge focus in Agriculture. The company was founded in 2017 through the acquisition of A & C Scales—a company that built a reputation for excellence across Victoria and Southern New South Wales over the last 40 years.

Prior to acquiring A & C, Anmar Scales’ sister company, Anmar Solutions, carried out all work related to industrial scales and weighing. As a result, the Anmar Scales founders have extensive experience and expertise across both the electrical and weighing industries.

Anmar Scales are proud to be the local go to company when it comes to weighing equipment in Victoria and NSW. Anmar Scales are supported by our local industries and businesses and for this reason we give back support by designing & manufacturing our vast range of products locally.