Weighbridge Calibration & Verification | Anmar Scales

Calibration & Verification

Weighing and scale accuracy is at the core of your business and ours.

Whatever the issue, using the latest technology, we will make your problem go away…or do all we can to prevent it in the first place.

Your weighing systems must perform to their absolute optimum. Our goal is to ensure this happens.

It is imperative that your costs and business risk is not compromised that could lead to…

Undercharging for
excess product.

Overcharging for
underfilled containers.

Possible fines for not adhering
to weight regulations.

Wasting resources sending trucks
that haven’t been maximised.

Anmar’s Calibration Service is the answer.


Starting with a free on-site weighbridge inspection.


  • Anmar Scales are proud to hold a National Measurement Institute Servicing Licence: SL-0725
  • Our technicians are licenced verifiers and accredited through NMI to complete all calibration, testing & verifications in accordance with the National Instrument Test Procedures (NITP’s) to comply with Australian Standards
  • Anmar Scales are one of the few businesses within the weighing industry to have their own fully complete weighbridge test truck complete with 20t of certified test masses and an onboard forklift
  • All of our test masses whether it been on the weighbridge test truck mentioned above, one of our smaller HR trucks or in our light vehicles are certified with current Regulation 13 certificates are used with all tests in accordance with the National Measurement Institute testing procedures (NITP’s)
  • The above points can let you rest easy knowing that your weighing systems are accurate in accordance with the law while providing comfort if your weighing systems are ever spot checked by NMI
  • We are committed to the highest standards in service and safety, with no compromise
  • We ensure our customers work & production schedule is not jeopardised in any way, with our aim of NO business downtime
  • As part of our maintenance and servicing plan we will alert you to any issues that need attention, especially urgent repairs.
  • Our simple promise is to take care of everything while you do what you do!