Truck Scale & Weighbridge Repairs & Maintenance | Anmar Scales

Repairs & Maintenance

Whether the problem was caused by overloading, mishandling, impact or general wear and tear, performance and accuracy will be impacted, causing all sorts of issues…

  • Overfilling and undercharging
  • Underfilling and overcharging
  • Materials wastage
  • Non-compliance with regulatory requirements

Our qualified and experienced technicians can fix any problem you have, fast!

  • You-call-we-come, no matter where you are
  • No matter what parts you need, we have them on hand
  • Utterly transparent pricing models, means no hidden fees or surprises
  • Discounted rates on some services and spare parts

The Anmar Preventative Maintenance Program

Our goal is always to save you money and protect your investment. Your Preventative Maintenance Program covers everything; and…

  • Includes a fully documented Service Agreement
  • Minimises risk of one-off, costly, repair jobs; or worse, needing to replace the scales
  • Ensures accurate measurements at all times
  • Reminders are sent when services are due, saving you time and worry


Starting with a free on-site weighbridge inspection.